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Are you experiencing tooth pain or discomfort? Tooth extraction may be the best solution for you. Schedule a consultation with us today and let us take care of your dental needs.

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Why Would I Need a Tooth Extracted?

You may need a professional dentist to extract your teeth damaged extensively from dental decay or physical trauma. Dentists also recommend tooth extractions for people with crowded teeth. Extracting one or two teeth is sometimes necessary prior to orthodontic treatment for crowded teeth. You may also need to extract any supernumerary teeth (extra teeth) if you have more than 32 teeth. Call (562) 925-3715 to learn more!

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American dentists extract 10 million wisdom teeth every year.

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Get Your Implant Prep For Free

Sometimes extractions are a necessary part of getting dental implants. Instead of tacking on the cost of extractions to your bill, we’ll cover the cost for your implant prep procedure. Let’s get your smile back to a healthier place.

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The Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Immediate Pain Relief

The most notable benefit of tooth extractions is that it provides immediate pain relief from toothaches caused by damaged teeth from cavities or physical trauma. Tooth decay and considerable physical trauma to the tooth expose the sensitive nerve in the core of the tooth, causing excruciating pain. A tooth extraction removes the entire tooth, eliminating the pain completely.

Prevent Spread of Cavities

In cases of tooth decay, tooth extractions help prevent the spread of cavity-causing bacteria from one tooth to the next, thus stopping dental decay. Cavity-causing bacteria produce acid that corrodes the teeth, exposing the sensitive parts of the tooth. Extracting a bacteria-infected tooth stops the spread of the same bacteria to the neighboring teeth.

Improved Oral Health

Tooth extraction is also necessary for certain orthodontic treatments and helps improve oral health. Crowded or misaligned teeth are difficult to clean and can significantly compromise oral health. Tooth extractions allow successful orthodontic treatments, which subsequently improve your oral health.

The Tooth Extraction Process

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Examination and Anesthesia

The dentist will first examine your teeth and take a few X-rays. This is crucial to determine whether you’re well-suited for a tooth extraction or whether alternative treatment will work better. If you qualify for tooth extraction, the dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the tooth before proceeding to the next step.

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Tooth Loosening and Extraction

The dentist will rock the tooth back and forth and use an elevator to loosen the tooth by expanding its sockets. The dentist will then carefully grab the tooth with a pair of forceps and wiggle it or pull it until it comes out from its sockets.

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Socket Cleaning and Post-Extraction Care

Once the tooth is out, your Bellflower dentist will gently clean the socket to remove debris before packing the extraction site with cotton and asking you to bite down. Some dentists may use dissolvable stitches to seal the wound. After cleaning and stitching, the dentist will send you home with instructions for caring for the extraction site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should be able to return to your usual routine and eating habits two to three days after the extraction. However, it takes several weeks for the jawbone holding your teeth to heal completely. Meanwhile, you can take OTC painkillers to manage pain and discomfort.